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Bachelor of Communication - Journalism, Mount Royal University.

I cover a wide range of topics, from arts and athletes to women's rights and human interest stories. 


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Diverse City: Season 1 of our new podcast series celebrates women in leadership

Diverse City is a new podcast series by the Calgary Journal that looks at the many people places and cultures that make our city a better place.

In this three-part season, host and producer Lexi Freehill speaks to Calgary women in leadership roles, ranging from the world of entrepreneurship, to queer activism and Indigenous recognition circles.

You can listen to Season 1 of Diverse City below, or download the episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

In the first episode of Diverse City host

Forging New Pathways: Inspiration from Ginella Massa on inclusivity in the media sector

This pre-recorded conversation is a part of Mount Royal University's 2022 International Women's Day celebration.

In this conversation, Ginella Massa, a Canadian television journalist and news anchor on CBC’s Canada Tonight, is interviewed by two students from MRU’s Journalism and Digital Media Program. Together, they discuss issues of inclusivity in the media sector including representation, allyship and self-advocacy.


Explore my work done for Jeremy Klaszus, Cold Lake Sun, and\ Calgary Journal

New animal intake centre raises concerns about animal welfare, LHS funding

The question of who will operate Cold Lake’s new animal intake centre, which will impound animals picked up by city bylaw officers, has not been answered yet. If it’s not the Lakeland Humane Society, concerns have been raised about animal health and safety, as it’s uncertain if the city will adopt policies that, while not law, are standard animal shelter practices.

“The city has not pre-determined how the facility is going to operate yet,” said CAO Kevin Nagoya in an interview with the Sun on A

The Lakeland’s ‘shadow pandemic’ – domestic violence

During the first year of the pandemic, domestic violence in the Lakeland rose 28 per cent, according to RCMP statistics collected from the 10 RCMP detachments in the area—Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul, Lac La Biche, Two Hills, Smoky Lake, Elk Point, Vermilion, Kitscoty and Lloydminster. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. “Domestic violence, whether you realize it or not, everybody knows somebody who’s been impacted by domestic violence,” said Jan Reimer, executive director of the

Cold Lake not yolking around when it comes to urban hens

Cold Lake city council unanimously passed the Urban Hen Keeping Bylaw on May 25. This new program will provide families with fresh food, a deeper connection to nature, and new learning opportunities. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Cold Lake not yolking around when it comes to urban hens The regulations were proposed to council after interested residents suggested it to the city. “It was a great idea,” said Kevin Nagoya, Cold Lake’s chief administrative officer. “When there seem

Lakeland athlete satisfied with Olympic performance

“I think a lot of the times, when we grow up in a small place, we almost think we can only have small dreams, or accomplish small things,” said Jackson, who grew up on a buffalo ranch just 20 minutes south of Vermilion. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Now living and travelling around the globe, Jackson’s hometown is still important to her. “This community brought me up, and I could accomplish this, and so it’s a great community for so many more kids to do the same,” Jackson said

Jill Janvier on becoming an artist

Jill Janvier, a 41-year-old Lakeland local, grew up outside of Cold Lake on the 149B Cold Lake First Nations reserve. As a child, Janvier found herself surrounded by art, of course. But it wasn’t just her father’s work Janvier admired. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Jill Janvier on becoming an artist “The bush was all around us when we were growing up, and it was a lot of fun,” said Janvier. From a young age, she felt a profound connection to, and a deep respect for, the land a

Olympic infrastructure: The good, the bad and the ugly

Nowadays, the IOC is big on reusing venues wherever possible. Kyle Ripley, head of the city’s bid team, told city council last month that for any new venues, host cities will need to prove their legacy value to the IOC “or that city’s bid will be penalized.”

One of the bigger debacles in Olympic infrastructure history was the 1976 Games held in Montreal where the city was slapped with a huge debt totalling $1.5 billion. As reported by the Globe and Mail,“the Big O,” known as “the Big Owe,” cost


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Hailing from small town Alberta, I currently live in Calgary where I recently completed my Bachelors degree in journalism from Mount Royal University. 

I've worked as a multimedia reporter for two Postmedia publications, collaborated on a project with The Sprawl, and most recently acted as Podcast Editor for the Calgary Journal, editing student work for publication and creating original content.

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